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FIFA 20 game review
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Wysłany: 2019-10-11, 06:25   FIFA 20 game review

See if you can find the pattern. In FIFA 11, the rhythm was subdued. In FIFA 12, the rhythm is very tight. In FIFA 13, the rhythm was subdued. In FIFA 14, the rhythm is weakened. In FIFA 15, the rhythm was subdued. In FIFA 16...Yes, the world's biggest football game is back - and this time is slower than ever!

Of course, I am too simple. Over the past five years, the achievements of this series have improved compared to any similar period in history. But especially for those who have matched each engine for the past six years, the FIFA feedback loop feels very real.

There are two possible explanations for the way I see it. One: EA Canada's developers have found the easiest way to make customers feel that their annual purchase is more than just a roster update. Or: A perfectly balanced football game doesn't exist at all, and it's futile to redesign the EA every time around a non-existent ideal.

Which side you take is a matter of faith. Because, especially for the devotees of the FIFA Ultimate Team, the FIFA game style is undirected every year, and the seemingly random change is a disturbing feeling. I want to believe that these people know what they are doing; in fact, my 92-step forward will not be able to sprint a 42-level defender in another 12 months, which is part of a richer game experience. However, because of the dangers of hundreds of hours in my life, optimism becomes more unacceptable every year.

Let us take a sympathetic view for the time being. While many of these changes seem to contradict the basic game aspects of FIFA 15, they are not negative in themselves. In fact, one of my favorite things about playing FIFA 20 is how challenging I found it, especially for the first few hours.

In addition to the relative speed of the players - in addition to direct pass as a cheap source of opportunity - the biggest change is passing, this pass represents a more dramatic change than we saw in the midfield. Fair years.

There are now two passes: your old card, the garden button, the slow speed, and through the purpose, essentially a delicate pass (using R1), with a shinpad-rattling shot the ball to the foot.

The problem with fine passing is that few players are good at controlling them, so if you get a high position on the court, it's often harder to keep the ball, not to mention turning around. As normal passes are weakened, pinball passing is now almost impossible, and even top teams can hardly maintain possession.

FIFA 20 is the first football game I played. I always felt the need to pass the ball back to my guard, sometimes feeling forced to retreat from the edge of my opponent to my own edge. half. When you think about it, this actually means that there is an unprecedented level of realism. But I am not sure if this is what I want.

The defenders have also undergone tremendous changes. The shovel is no longer just the last option, it is now the best way to steal the ball. The attack ring (yes, I use PES control) no longer triggers a wild three-meter slip, but depending on the position of the ball, usually only the extended legs are extended, allowing for quick recovery and greater reward for practice and timing.

However, just like a delicate pass, it seems that the effect of block interception has been diluted, which means that I often find myself in an embarrassing situation, letting an opposition player lie in my box, not wanting Slip because of fear of acknowledging punishment, and can't do anything else except watching.

In fact, the most common goal I've acknowledged so far is this - an opponent who knows the basics of dribbling has abandoned my ineffective "control" attempt and inserted it directly into the corner through the defensive center. Obstruction. This is a nice change from Aubameyang to a broken straight pass ball, but it often feels like a very frustrating way to make concessions.

Defensive artificial intelligence has also undergone major reforms, and now your teammates will be very active when representing you. By moving your finger away from the controller, you often find that a cover defender can kill and deal with threats in a way that seems to be almost too tolerant to lazy (or distracting) players. Of course, this will also affect your attack attempts, because even the most limited human opponents seem to get a big AI assistant.

This more aggressive defensive approach combined with new, more difficult passes led to some very bad matches. Unlike PES, and even last year's FIFA, shaping an opportunity feels like a real achievement - not to mention scoring - and making progress in the online season is more intensely maintaining a 1-0 victory instead of attending Octane number, high score thriller.

Now, it is hard to say whether these changes are a good thing. I really like the challenge of re-learning the game. I personally prefer to meet a rare fighting spirit, I think I can score four to five at will. But the game usually makes people feel a bit like hard work - even stressful. If you feel that you can't score, you will feel more uneasy when you admit it. When you feel that you can't own it, you will be more dominated by luck.

When I was a child, my parents would tease my "Nintendo Face". When I got to my last life and faced a tough boss, my cheeks turned red because of pure attention. Today, especially when playing football or fighting games, I find that the most obvious sign is the difficulty of grabbing the controller. FIFA 14 gave me a lot of pain. After a week of playing FIFA 20, this ruthless person came back.

So the gameplay is different. In addition to crossover, it may be difficult to point out any way to make a clear improvement. However, the "feel" of the game is the hardest part - whether it is definition or criticism. What's the rest?

As we expected, the speech was first class. Although I still think the player model looks strange, the lights, textures, stadiums and stadiums never look as good as they are now. Also improved is the menu screen, which provides more "real-time" information every day when logging in, including, very pleasantly selecting the best goal of FIFA that plays automatically on the home screen in the past week. FIFA is very concerned about the appearance and sound of football matches and tries to raise this standard again in some way.

FIFA is leading not only the appearance department. In the past few years, the ultimate team has been my favorite way to play football, and the return to provide the same powerful competitive competition and collection card building. This year, I was particularly excited when I heard about the draft mode. Those who play Hearthstone will be familiar with this concept; you will get a team of random team members, your understanding of the chemical system, the pros and cons of different formations, and even the real-life football knowledge will be tested by the team.

As a person who refuses to spend money in FUT, I am happy to finally have the opportunity to play with the best players and get some breathing from the troubles of Vanilla FUT (I will give an automatic renewal contract). Imagine that I was disappointed when I found that the draft model required FIFA points to enter - a value of about £2.50. Because there are few rewards for winning games, it is just a cynical source of additional EA revenue that most people find uncomfortable.

The career model remains essentially unchanged unless there are some adjustments to the training and preseason. Some people suspect that the draft model occupies a considerable part of this year's development time. Of course, before that, we are considering investing in FIFA's 16-year headline news - women's football. This is a relatively limited model that only offers friendly online or offline tournaments (not to mention, only for the same gender), but it is still a great thing.

First, it provides a completely different secondary game experience - this experience is more technical, less physics, more consideration and control than the bruises offered by the player's male opponents. I found myself getting completely different types of goals, and having different types of games can quickly become a fairly homogeneous competitive online experience. Even if it's just a one-time game, it's a good choice, especially in long conversations with friends.

Secondly, there is a young girl who is playing FIFA, enjoying the game, playing her hero, a way she has never had before. This is not just for EA to win, but for the entire video game culture, perhaps for the football culture as well.

What I can't say is whether it reflects the meaningful representation of the women's football - I shamelessly see enough movement. But in the player's asynchronous state and the nature of the game itself, it feels more than just a graphical skin - it's not just a regular FIFA with a ponytail.

In its functions and demonstrations, if not in its gameplay, FIFA is better able to promote this type of development than any other team. But the gameplay is very important. So we are in a difficult situation. Is FIFA 20 "better" than FIFA 15? It certainly provides more. Is it better than PES? In most cases, yes. But I am still troubled by the feedback loop. This year's interpretation of football - its grim, dull embarrassment - is not the beautiful game I want. Or how do I daydream when I score in the World Cup finals. The problem is, I think EA people will agree with me. But they have units for sale. At the same time, I am still here, caught in the same old model.

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