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The most practical 7 fancy moves in FIFA20
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Wysłany: 2019-10-11, 07:23   The most practical 7 fancy moves in FIFA20

The most practical 7 fancy moves in FIFA20, master them, you can also show them up.

In FIFA20, if you want your moves to be elusive, the best way is to expand the fancy action arsenal and make him feel overwhelmed in the opponent's penalty area. With these moves, you have more chances to get FIFA Coins.

FIFA20 has a wide variety of fancy movements, many of which are just singular techniques (the illusion is actually quite good). However, the defensive intensity of AI has been greatly enhanced this year. Maybe you haven't shown a few seconds to show your opponent's counterattack.

Therefore, you'd better turn to simpler and more practical tricks. Here are seven fancy actions. Note: The "direction" below is the direction in which the player is on the field.

False shot

How to do it: Press B, then press A (Xbox); press "Circle", then press X (PS4), and gently push the left stick to the opposite direction of the player.

Fancy action star: One star, all of them can be done, including the goalkeeper.

False shooting is one of the oldest fancy movements in the past FIFA, but its effect has not been attenuated. In fact, the benefits of fake shots have even increased as the action provides acceleration. In FIFA 20, there are three different forms of fake shooting: regular fake shooting, Cruyff turning and cutting.

Cruyff turned very simple, you just need to complete the normal fake shooting operation, then push the left rocker in the opposite direction of the player (left rocker down). In a regular fake shot, you need to push the left stick to the oblique 45 degree direction of the player's advantage. As for the cut, you have to push the left stick to the direction of the player's advantage.


How to do this: Push the right stick in the direction of travel (do not press) and then turn to the left and right continuously.

Fancy action star: two stars.

Cycling is a bit cumbersome in FIFA18, but this year's action is very smooth due to the new animation. This fancy can make you change direction quickly. If you operate it properly, the visual effect is absolutely perfect. It is a must-have item in the fancy arsenal.

You can also combine it with a high-level fancy like Rainbow, or try a new three-touch turn.

False pass turned (stationally used)

How to operate: Push the left stick to the diagonal direction and lick a fake shot.

Fancy action star: four stars. In addition, there is a five-star upgraded version that can be used during sprints and operates in the same way.

If you want to kill the Quartet in the FUT mode, you have to learn to operate the fake pass: Because this action is quite short, the effect of this fancy is horrible. When you lean on the back of the defender and take the ball, it is the best time to turn around. You can accelerate through any side of the side before the opponent reacts, thus gaining the space to shoot or pass.

Fried meatballs

How to do it: Hold down L1/LB and gently push the right stick to the direction you want to pass (left or right).

Fancy action star: four stars.

In the real world, Andres Iniesta and Angel Di Maria are very good at this action, and fried balls are also one of the few operations that have been greatly enhanced in FIFA20. You can change direction in the face of the opponent's defender, and finish the 1 to 1 pass and then go away.

However, the animation of this action is somewhat slow, so you have to have plenty of time. If the opponent is about to tackle the ball and you are frying the ball, it will only end in losing the ball. But if you do it right, the game experience will be very good, there is a large space in front of you to let you gallop, and the opponent can only stay arrogant.

Intrinsic change line

How to do it: Release the accelerator button and lick a fake action to push the left stick to the desired direction of travel (left or right).

Fancy action star: four stars.

The guilty line is an unpopular movement in FIFA, but like the fake shot, it can be used to avoid tackles and create space. The difference between it and the fake shot is that the intrinsic change line not only does not provide acceleration, but also slows you down, but you can get valuable space from it, kicking the door or passing it to the open teammates is not easy?

Dimitar Berbatov turned

How to do it: Push the right stick to the direction the player is facing, then gently push the left stick in the direction you want to pass. (Right rocker front + left / right)

Fancy action star: four stars.

Manchester United's famous Dimita-Berbatov will popularize this action. When you are on the sidewalk, this will be your most deadly weapon. Since FIFA17, Dimitar Berbatov has been weakened. But it can make you change a lot in the running, as long as you are beautiful, you can pass off several defensive players in one breath.

Qiao Wenke turned around

How to do it: Push the right stick to the opposite direction during the run and push it to the direction you want to pass (left or right). (When the ball is forward, the right stick is rear + left / right)

Fancy action star: four stars.

Joe Wenke turned around, also known as a single-legged turn, is the iconic movement of Juventus Sebastian-Jovenko, who brought his talent to the Toronto FC in North America a few years ago. This action allows your player to turn around on one foot and instantly change the direction of travel, creating a space for shooting or propelling. To complete the rotation of Qiao Wenke, you must operate properly. If something goes wrong, it is very likely that the opponent will immediately sneer at the voice.

Unlike most fancy moves, this is not just about timing – so it's best to add a few extras and use it online.

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