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Path of Exile Cheap Lightning Trap BD Share
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Wysłany: 2019-10-31, 09:11   Path of Exile Cheap Lightning Trap BD Share

Since the beginning of the Path of Exile S7, many people have been troubled by the choice of BD. There are too many popular people, which has led to the premium of the series equipment, especially the rise of the spell system, and the shield ES equipment has risen greatly. I don’t know how to use it. I have been too hard to study. Today I will tell you about my own BD lightning trap.

The first is talent. The talent is based on the arc trap of the last League. Because the efficiency of the arc’s killing diagram is greatly weakened, it picks up the lightning trap. The sublimation profession is destroyer. After all, the destroyer is the best match with the mine trap.

One of the main means of survival of this talent comes from the double dodge, one is the talent in the sublimation of the destroyer triggers the trap back to blood, up to 20% per second, 20% what concept? In other words, if you have 5000 blood, you will return 1000 points per second, plus 75% double flash, and the sublimation talent in the shadow of the reduction, there will be no survival problems, especially my magic image also brought Den Large Rock Golem.

With regard to the talent point of the power of magic, you must have the only core equipment of this BD, Tinkerskin, to go. With this equipment, you can basically still have unlimited traps, and bring your own shadows, very practical. The equipment, the League is also very cheap, and the 5th is also around 30Chaos Orb.

There are gloves, not the core, because there is no, but because it is very cheap, the promotion is very big, so everyone wants to play traps can get one, gloves must have +1 extra traps, so you can once Still four traps, this League trap hand can’t sell cheaply, and my retired garbage trap can only sell 5 Chaos Orb, like the one I use now with more than 40 ice resistance can also enchant the greatest life. 20 Chaos Orb bought.

About weapons can be slowly identified in the killing map process, you can also go to PoE Trade, spell damage, spell damage, bonus damage, crit damage bonus, increased crit rate, additional Chaos Orb damage, as long as you can get it is only necessary to add two of the high-level attributes plus one of your own enchantments. Like I use this now, only the crit damage bonus and the spell add lightning damage, and then enchant spell damage.

If you play BOSS, you can choose to wear a The Queen shoe, so that you can let the spell avoid the 75 after you open the Walsh, you can use the killing image to wear anything, it is best to bring the moving speed.

Other equipment has nothing to say, lack of resistance to supplementing resistance, ischemic blood, if the resistance is enough, then look for damage, after all, we are based on the killing diagram, the first requirement is to survive.

The best belt is Stygian Vise. After all, it can give a hole in the abyss, without white. If you have enough resistance on the necklace, you can use it to find some output. The 81-level elder necklace can wash out the extra Chaos Orb damage attribute, and the upgrade is huge. Plus the necklace can also wash out the crit damage plus Cheng, spell damage, etc. If you have money and resistance overflow, you can make a good necklace.

Regarding the choice of jewelry, the first is to have the greatest life, after all, living is the most important, followed by spell damage, crit damage bonus, then crit rate, lightning damage and so on.

The choice of potion, The Queen must have water, after all, there is extra Chaos Orb damage, low blood immediately replied blood, double avoiding Quartz Flask, moving speed of Quicksilver Flask, crit rate of Diamond Flask, inside the medicine There must be immune bleeding and freezing to ensure that there is no death in an abnormal state.

Skill connection, I use a lightning trap, lightning trap wants to kill the map must have penetration, so 5 is lightning trap, penetration, multiple traps, lightning penetration, trap mine damage, if you have lightning trap enchantment If you penetrate the head, you can change the penetration into precise damage. If there are six, you can even add additional lightning damage. Others have an injury release level 1, an immortal roar level 3, a weak level 5, and a duration extension of level 20. The aura of Lightning Falls, the ice of the ice, the lightning, can also not be the ice and the lightning and then open the sharp aura, as well as the injury release full level plus the Den Large Rock Golem full level. Electric tower traps, element concentration, trap mine damage, precision damage four links, electric tower traps mainly used for BOSS, displacement with Fire from the Sky sprint plus fast cast, so basic molding, playing BOSS can also bring bear traps, can Increase the total damage of the trap by 15%, basically hit the small BOSS and still catch the bear trap plus the electric tower trap on the second.

The cost of this set of BD is very cheap, basically it is the garbage can pass T17, the next day, I have a T17 in the garbage, but the lightning trap skill is really not suitable for playing BOSS, T18 is not enough due to insufficient damage, but this BD The room for improvement is still very large. I simulate a top-level staff. One can improve by about 30%. I don’t think it is so much. As long as the pair of elder sticks and six pairs of clothes can basically pass the T18, the League is too dark, clothes. There have been no 6 connections.

In general, my lightning trap, even if the equipment is bought, is also an Exalted Orb. If you are killing yourself, you need to buy a clothes plus trap gloves, a total of 50Chaos Orb, so A set of equipment killing map is very fast, although the ability to attack is poor, it is definitely a strong choice for land reclamation, but equipped with a little better, a little better T18 is not a problem.
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