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There are plenty of recognizable names from bigger programs among this year’s tight end class Dennis Kelly Jersey , but if you’re looking for a sleeper who could make some noise at the next level, Texas State’s Keenen..."There are plenty of recognizable names from bigger programs among this year’s tight end class, but if you’re looking for a sleeper who could make some noise at the next level, Texas State’s Keenen Brown has all the tools to be that guy.A well-rounded prospect who excelled in his lone season as a Bobcat, Brown recently spoke exclusively with MCM about his experience at the combine and why he loves playing tight end.JM: How would you grade your overall performance at the combine?KB: I thought I did pretty well out there. I went out there and did the best that I could. I feel like the NFL teams have a pretty good idea of what I can bring to the next level. I worked hard out there.JM: Is there anything you’re looking to improve on at your pro day?KB: I’ll probably do the shuttle drills again. That was the last drill I went through and my legs were definitely feeling it. They keep us busy and my legs went a little dead at that point. You’ll probably see me improve on those numbers at my pro day.JM: What’s your favorite part about playing tight end?KB: I get to be an offensive linemen and a wide receiver all while playing one position. That’s my favorite part about playing tight end. It’s the best of both worlds. I can catch the ball and look pretty doing that and then I can go inside on the next play and get dirty with the big boys. I love that part of the game.JM: You don’t find a lot of tight ends nowadays that enjoy blocking.KB: You’re absolutely right about that. You just have to enjoy it. I understand that it comes with the position. I embrace it. You can’t avoid it so I might as well attack it to the best of my ability.JM: You’re pretty elusive in the open field as well.KB: I’m trying to make a play as soon as I get the ball in my hands. I’m just always trying to get a first down or a touchdown. I don’t let the first two people tackle me. That’s really my mindset when I have the ball in my hands. I go into every game with the same mentality. I’m not gonna be easy to tackle.JM: What’s the best lesson any coach ever taught you?KB: Really just to take things one day at a time. You can’t press too forward or overlook anything. Don’t sweat the small stuff. I make sure I’m prepared for every game and handle my business like a professional. It’s important to practice like a pro. My tight end coaches always preached that to me. Practice like a pro and you’ll play like one. I just take everything one day at a time. That always stuck with me.JM: Do you watch any television?KB: Yeah, I definitely do when I can. I love when I have the time for some good television.JM: What was the last thing you binge watched?KB: Someone got me the seasons of Martin on DVD for my birthday. I’ve been watching that for a while now.JM: Martin as in the old sitcom with Martin Lawrence?KB: Yeah (laughs). I love that show. Old school Martin. JM: That’s so cool (laughs). Shout out to whoever got you that gift.KB: Yeah, they got it off Amazon. I’m loving it.JM: In closing Keenen, what kind of man is an organization getting when they draft Keenen Brown?KB: They’re getting a humble football player first and foremost. I’m gonna respect the organization and not bring any shame to it. I’m very punctual and I’m always gonna be there for my teammates. NASHVILLE, Tenn. (AP) — Derrick Henry possibly is running out of time with the Tennessee Titans.The 2015 Heisman Trophy winner talked a month ago about needing to run better and be more physical. Three games later, nothing much has changed — for now. Henry is still the starter, though Dion Lewis is making a case for that spot. It’s Lewis who is coming off the best rushing game this season by a Tennessee running back.“We all know, you guys all know, if you’re inconsistent in this league, they’ll find somebody to replace you,” Henry said. “So I feel like the biggest thing is just being consistent during everything that I do. Being efficient, finishing runs, being physical, running hard. Like I said, I stood in front of y’all and said all those things Kamalei Correa Jersey , but I don’t feel like I’ve done those things.”Henry is in his third season after being the Titans’ third pick in the 2016 draft out of Alabama. Lewis is the free agent general manager Jon Robinson signed in March to a four-year deal.During the Titans’ bye last week, Henry studied each of those 84 carries and evaluated himself. He found plenty he can do better by running like the 6-foot-3, 247-pound back he is. Henry is averaging a career-worst 3.3 yards per carry. Lewis leads Tennessee in rushing with 277 yards — 4 more than Henry who’s had 11 more carries this season.The Titans (3-4) need an improved running game having lost three straight, and they rank 19th in the NFL averaging only 107.9 yards rushing per game. They had a season-high 164 yards rushing Oct. 21 in London, and Lewis was a big key running for a season-high 91 yards. Lewis finished with a career-best 155 yards from scrimmage.Asked about Henry, Titans coach Mike Vrabel said they have to find ways to clean up mistakes across the offense that have cost yards. That includes finishing runs better.“There are times if you look at yourself and say, ‘Man, I could have done a better job.’ I think that’s what Derrick is doing,” Vrabel said. “I appreciate that mentality from him. He can do more and we all can do more.”Tennessee signed fullback Jalston Fowler on Monday to add another blocker to the offensive mix. The Titans visit Dallas (3-4) and know the Cowboys will be running the ball with Ezekiel Elliott who’s second in the NFL with 619 yards rushing. That makes getting the run game working better crucial against a Dallas defense ranked third in fewest yards allowed and ninth against the run, giving up 96.3 yards per game.Offensive coordinator Matt LaFleur said the Titans’ coaches and players still have plenty of confidence in Henry. But Henry has to make the most of his opportunities with the ball.“He’s a big back, and any time you’re a big back, you want to make sure you’re finishing runs,” LaFleur said. “He’s done a pretty good job of that. We’ve just got to get him going. We’ve got to get him going, and I think it’s a matter of time before we’re able to do it. But really it takes everybody. It’s not just Derrick. It takes all 11.”Notes: Both starting guards practiced fully Friday, including RG Josh Kline (ankle) who was limited Thursday. WR Corey Davis (hamstring) was limited for a second straight day. S Kenny Vaccaro, who has missed the past three games with an elbow injury, practiced fully for a second straight day.
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