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According to ESPN’s Adam Schefter Womens Courtland Sutton Jersey , Gary Kubiak will NOT be the Broncos Offensive Coordinator and both sides are going their separate ways. This is a big shocker as he was expected all along to be the Broncos Offensive Coordinator. Wow, a shocker!Many assumed that Kubiak would be the Broncos Offensive Coordinator for Vic Fangio and all signs continued to point to that up until this afternoon before this news broke. The issue between the parties began when Kubiak insisted on bringing in his own guys like Rick Dennison, Brian Pariani, and Klint Kubiak back to the staff. Elway reportedly balked at this idea and both sides decided to part ways because of this. So basically, it sounds like Kubiak took his ball and went home because he couldn’t bring in some of his guys who have under performed for years. 9NEWS Denver’s Mike Klis is reporting that“ there were philosophically differences in concepts and schemes” but stopped short on exact specifics. It appears Kubiak’s Front Office position is also being vacated because of this as well. So we shall see how this plays out going forward. In the end, It’s nice to see General Manager John Elway and bucking a trend he has been doing recently. Bringing back Kubiak’s people would be a step backwards and they are trying to move forward with Fangio Authentic Emmanuel Sanders Jersey , potentially Munchak, and Fangio’s people.The narrative that there were Co-Head Coaches and that Elway was forcing Kubiak on to candidates now appears to be dead. The Texans now have a 3-D passing game, and that could help veteran newcomer Demaryius Thomas take his game back to the level it was at in prior years.On pace for little more than 800 yards based on half a season with the Broncos, Thomas could see his production increase, given the presence of DeAndre Hopkins, a favorite target of quarterback Deshaun Watson. Defenses will continue to lean toward Hopkins Womens Royce Freeman Jersey , and Thomas should benefit from even less attention being paid to him.With rookie Keke Coutee talented but not yet sufficiently durable to make a consistent contribution, Thomas will surely get plenty of playing time, and plenty of chances to get open against single coverage.It still won’t be easy for Thomas; he’ll need to learn a new offense, new quarterback, new everything on the fly. But at least he’ll be in familiar surroundings during his first game with the Texans. Only a few days after arriving in Houston, he’ll return to Denver for a game against the Broncos http://www.denverbroncost...ata-peko-jersey , with maximum motivation to prove to the Broncos that they shouldn’t have given up on him.Thomas has a $8.5 million base salary in 2018, which means he’s still owed $4.5 million from the Texans. Next year, his salary spikes to $14 million. Which likely means that the Texans will be proposed a new deal with a reduced salary in the offseason, with the possibility that the relationship will be a short one.
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