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Wołają nas na załadunek /rozładunek - sposoby - World Of Warcraft Top Player And Streamer Byron Reckful Bern

djfokgkrfh - 2020-08-27, 10:04
Temat postu: World Of Warcraft Top Player And Streamer Byron Reckful Bern
World of Warcraft has always been a popular MMO, and has built a strong player base, some of which even developed their own work through the game. For instance, the former World of Warcraft pro player and Twitch streamer Byron Reckful Bernstein, who was once recognized by World of Warcraft fans, he died in his Austin, Texan, apartment on July 2, at the age of 31. Before that, he had been confirmed to suffer from depression and bipolar disorder.

It is reported by the Twitch and WOW Twitter accounts that hundreds of players of WOW gathered to honor Bernstein.

The purpose of each game is not only to allow players to reach achievements, this is more expected that players can find positive energy from the game and search for fun when they are in a bad mood. Bernstein did well in playing games, having occupied the top ranking in World of Warcraft for six consecutive years, and then through this game, he became a game developer, creating "Everland", hoping people to find the true friendship in the game.

When news spreading of Reckful's passing, fans and other WOW streamers were shocked by it, then his friend posted to confirm that he did die by suicide.

Bernstein is such kind to provide actively help to those who struggle with mental health and treatment like himself. In life, he always wants to bring more fun and happiness to those around him, but he had great difficulty in fighting depression and ended his life on a very normal day.

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